AHD to USB 3.0 Capture Card


Brand : ACASIS
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1080P30FPS  high-definition input, the colors are more vivid and the picture quality is clearer. The AHD output port of the high-definition camera is connected to a computer through a USB connection and broadcast/recorded on the computer with the live software. Turn the AHD output port of the conference camera into a USB port to connect to the computer, and use the computer software for remote conference. Instant conversion, no delay. The converter system has the characteristics of tight structure, strong combination and strong reliability. The audio and video signals can be converted instantly without delay in transmission. The all-metal shell design can effectively accelerate the heat dissipation of the product. Continuous working for 24 hours, the conversion is still stable and smooth. Colour: black Material: aluminum Size: 115 x 50 x 23mm




What´s in the box

1 * AHD Capture Card 2 * USB 3.0 Cable