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Powered USB Hub - ACASIS 7 Ports 36W USB 3.0 12V/3A Data Hub with Individual On/Off Switches Splitter, AC-HS707

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Product Details

ACASIS 7 Ports 36W USB 3.0 Data Hub

Power up Your Workflow

Using with the 12V/3A power adapter, this compact USB 3.0 hub can easily support 7 USB devices stably at the same time. It also excels in super speed transmission up to 5Gbps by USB 3.0 interfaces (*the actual speed might vary by the capability of your device), definitely helping improve your work efficiency.

ACASIS 7 Ports 36W USB 3.0 Data Hub

Individual Power Switch

Facilitate individual control of each device, with indicators to clearly show the status; Reduce interface damage without repeated plugging or unplugging while increasing safety of use. What's more, the built-in professional chipset provides multiple protection for safe and stable operation.

 ACASIS 7 Ports 36W USB 3.0 Data Hub

Increasing Flexibility

The power cable is 1 meter long, offering you great flexibility without using the hub in a limited area near a socket. There are 7 ports available for instant access to various USB devices. Just plug and play to expand your connectivity options.

ACASIS 7 Ports 36W USB 3.0 Data Hub

Strong Power Supply

Guarantee efficiency and safety of your multitasking with a sufficient, uninterrupted power supply.

ACASIS 7 Ports 36W USB 3.0 Data Hub


This small, lightweight USB 3.0 hub will never take up too much space and always keep your desktop organized.

ACASIS 7 Ports 36W USB 3.0 Data Hub


Support a mobile hard disk with a capacity of up to 4TB and high power-consumption devices.

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 users should upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or later to ensure a stable connection.

2.4Ghz wireless devices (keyboard, mouse and etc.) may not work properly near this hub.

The total current should be within 3A to ensure maximum performance.