Innovation Is
Life of a Brand

XX公司成立于1993年,专业从事电子、电气产品的开发、生产、销售、维修和服务,计算机网络工程与维护,低压电气设备成套,工业电气自动化调试,建筑智能化系统集成(设计、施工)高新技术企业,公司已通过ISO9001 : 2015质量体系认证,具有独立法人资格的经济实体。


At ACASIS, we are dedicated to create and innovate cutting-edge technology products since year 2008. ACASIS constantly optimizes product design and performance to offer clients easier solutions and better experience.

ACASIS 200+ Patents range from PC/Smartphone peripherals to SSD accessories, including RAID Enclosure, NAS Disk Station, SATA Enclosure, Fingerprint Encryption Hard Drives, Adapter Cable, Hard Drives, USB Hub and accessories, Capture Card and so on. Fully meet customer demands from personal use to enterprise-class facilities.

We take “No innovation, No brand” as our tenet, which indeed leads ACASIS to be a company backed with popular and high-quality products in the past years. ACASIS team is young and energetic, we strive to provide instant help and service for every customer and distributor partner all over the world. We are committed to polishing our designs and exemplifying our customer service. Our solutions will make users work in a easier and simpler style.


Rapidity, Efficiency and Simplicity


Customers Fulfillment and Achievement Makes ACASIS Stronger.


Win-win cooperation and possibility exploration, sustainable experiencing and constant growing.