Welcome to ACASIS warranty service page.We apologize in advance for whatever inconvenience you may have met after purchasing from ACASIS.

This page is to help you contact us ( support@acasis.com ) when you have any issues with ACASIS products or any other problems you are facing.


◆ 1 Year Limited Warranty

For products purchased through ACASIS official store (https://www.acasis.com), we will provide a 1-year warranty. If any product defects or quality issues are discovered within 1 year of purchase, the ACASIS technical team will decide to replace or repair it based on the severity of the defect. For irreparable products (out of stock and has no upgraded/similar models), ACASIS will provide a partial refund based on device usage time.


◆ Not covered under warranty:

- Non quality-related issues

- Purchased from unauthorized resellers

- Products without sufficient proof of purchase

- Normal wear and tear of product

- Lost or stolen products

- Out of warranty items

- Damage to free gifts

- Repairs done through a 3rd party

- Unauthorized modifications

- Damage caused by product misuse or accidents (including but not limited to: drops, extreme temperatures, liquid contact, improper operation, transportation hazards)

It may save your time to figure out your problem through our Troubleshooting Page or refferring to Instruction Manuals before issuing a warranty claim.

◆ Warranty Request Notice

Please note this page is for purchases made through this website. For purchases made through Acasis'Direct Online Stores and authorized resellers, please contact them directly. If your product is defective during the warranty period, please prepare the necessary details below and contact us (support@acasis.com)

How it works

Steps Description
Provide relevant information:
- Proof of purchase (order number/sales electronic invoice) and product model number must be provided
- Defect description (Host Model/OS Version) is required to file a warranty claim
- Video/image showing visible evidence of the defective product must be provided
Return defective product to ACASIS:
- For warranty authorized by ACASIS, ACASIS covers shipping costs. ACASIS provides US customers with prepaid return labels. Customers outside the US are responsible for shipping back defective devices (return address and other details will be sent by ACASIS team).
- After the parcel ships out, please notify us of the tracking number via email, and send the complete shipping address and recipient phone number to customer support, for us to swiftly process the shipment of replacements.
Product shipment:
- If ACASIS tech team determines the product qualifies for repair or replacement after testing, we will process the request accordingly, and swiftly send the product to the customer along with parcel tracking number.


Please note: For warranty authorized by ACASIS, shipping is covered by ACASIS. US customers are provided with a prepaid return label by ACASIS. Customers outside of the US will be responsible for shipping back defective devices.

All replacement parts will adhere to the same warranty period as the original defective product, or 3 months after replacement, whichever is longer. Warranty void after a full refund.


◆ Buyer will be responsible for return shipping fees in the following cases:

- Returning the product for any reason other than certified defects

- Making warranty claims on products purchased outside of the original purchase country

- Returning personal items

- Returning items claimed defective but found by ACASIS Quality Control to be in working order

- Expenses related to unauthorized returns (any returns made outside of the approved warranty process)


◆ ACASIS Not Liable For:

- Data loss from use of ACASIS products

- Personal items incorrectly shipped to ACASIS aftersales warehouse during returns

- Additional return expenses exceeding ACASIS designated shipping methods (such as packaging services, duties etc)

 - Packages lost during return shipping


Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.