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Acasis 4 Channel HDMI-compatible and SDI Broadcast PCIE HD Video Capture Card 1080p, AC-VS014

$351.87 $731.96

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Product Details



To use multiple PCI-E capture cards and work at the same time, you need to adjust the dip switch

PCI board. If necessary, please contact customer service.

This link includes both 2 channels and 4 channels, please kindly check before purchase.


Brand: ACASIS/Acassis

Product name: Quad HDMI/SDI built-in capture card

Size: 100*97mm

Model number: AC-VS014

Input interface: HDMI IN*2 (supports up to 1080P60Hz)

                         SDI IN*2 (support up to 1080P60Hz)

Acquisition interface: PCI-E X4 (1920*1080)

Linear input: 3.5mm audio input

Output color space: YUY2

Power supply: no need for power supply

one year warranty