Quad SDI Pcie Video Capture Card Driver Installation

Quad SDI Pcie Video Capture Card Driver Installation
ACASIS Tutorials

1.Insert the capture card after power off your device.

2.Confirm it is fully seated then power on the device.

3.Download driver from: https://www.acasis.com/download-drivers.html. Download the correct driver according to your OS.

4.Right-click"This PC"→"Properties", check whether the computer is 64-bit, Make sure your computer is 64-bit before downloading the driver.

5.If it shows "Find Video Capture Card driver: ", it means that the system has detected the capture card, you can click install directly, the installation is finished when "OK" appears.


6.If it shows "Find Video Capture Card driver: " ,please check whether Device Manager/Audio inputs and outputs
detects the card or not. If not, please repeat step 1 and 2.

7.After driver installation finished, please check whether thecard is shown as above in device manager. If there is a yellowexclamation mark, please reboot your PC. If rebooting does not work, pleasedouble-click the exclamation mark.

8.If it is still abnormal, please send us a screenshot of your OS version, DeviceManager, and error message to support@acasis.com.

Our technicist will help to solve the problem.
9.If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.