Things You Should Know Before Buying 10-in-1 Hub (Keep Updated)

acasis 10 in 1 ssd hubThings You Should Know Before Buying 10-in-1 Hub (Keep Updated)
ACASIS Shopping Guide

Swappable High-Speed SSD Storage & 10-In-1 Hub, as a flagship product of ACASIS, has earned a lot of good comments from our lovely backers and customers.

We know you have many questions before your purchase and it is quite understandable! Let's see on what kind of circumstances you can make it work flawlessly.


•USB 3.2 Gen 2 PC Host Port*1
Host Port on the side of the hub is the ONLY port for connecting your PC/Macbook/Ipad/Smart Phone.
If you connect to the type C on the top of the hub. Sorry it won't be recognized.

•Power Delivery Port*1

Support max 100W power in, Max 80W output (Min 30W in, min 5W out). So you can access your device while charging it at the same time. (Charger not included).

So if your device needs at least 80W or more, or you don't have such a big power adapter, here is a connection advice for your reference:

(Thanks for the instruction from Joed)

To make it short, you need to give power to your PC directly and supply another power to ACASIS hub. Otherwise your SSD may lose the connection from time to time.

•SSD M.2 Enclosure--PCI-E NVMe Protocol/NGFF SATA Protocol

This is a hub with SSD slot, it doesn't include SATA or NVME SSD storage, you need to buy SSD separately. There are many brands of SSD with different performance, we suggest Samsung and Western Digital.

*Before you use the brand new SSD, initiallization and formatting is a must-do job.

SSD format instructions you will find in our Q&A page:

*M1 chip has limited the write speed, you will get half speed if you use a M1 Macbook or iPad

*SSD will consume a lot of power so it needs external power adapter. SSD power consumption varies from model and design, for your stable usage, we suggest to use power over 60W or power your hub and PC.


•USB 3.0 --5Gbps
•USB 3.1 Gen2*1--10Gbps
These 2 USB-A ports are normal data transfer port, you can also use to charging something but the speed would be very slow.
Please do not use it for any external audio speakers/monitors.

•TYPE-C 3.1*1--10Gbps

Same function as above 2 USB-A ports but suits for Type C cable and devices. The main difference is that it supports audio output, but it doesn't have DP alt mode either.

So the portable monitor cannot use through this port.

If you don't like 3.5mm audio quality, maybe you can try a type C converter on this.

•Audio*1--3.5mm,Microphone 2-in-1

Audio plug uses TRRS plug. If your speaker is TRS or TS, please buy a converter.


•TF*1--Micro SD/SDHC/SHXC,5Gbps

5Gbps is not the speed but the protocol, so the real read/write speed is around 104M/s

•Gigabit Ethernet*1--RJ45 Outlet 1000/100/10Mbps

Plug and use. No need to assign IP or something. Please make your IP address is automatically assigned.

*Mac user please make sure the "Limit IP Address Tracking" is unchecked!



The only image output on this hub, max resolution and refresh rate is 4K@60Hz

*For curve screens and single GPU devices, they need to be particularly set. Please make sure you can handle the setting of your devices.

*For some old models of Macbook/laptop, like Macbook Pro 2017, it cannot reach 4K60Hz.

*For some windows machines will pop up "Display Limited", it's a bug of your laptop HDMI chipset. It won't affect HDMI function, you can turn off the USB notification in the setting center.


•Old Macbook/Windows machine

Yes, it's Okay

But you need to replace a USB 3.0 A to C cable, because in our package we enclosed a USB 3.0 C to C cable and old laptop doesn't have USB C port.

USB A to C cable won't support DP alt mode, which means your old laptop cannot use HDMI function through 10-in-1 hub. Data transferring won't be affected, but the speed would be slower than C-C cable.

If your device only has a USB 2.0 port or you use a USB 2.0 A to C cable, even you use a USB 3.0 hub, there just is speed of USB2.0 (30-40Mb/s).


•Macbook Pro/Macbook Air Intel/M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max

Yes, it's Okay.

But M1 will have slower write speed. Other functions are normal.



Yes, it's Okay


•Iphone/Old iPad, iPad Pro/mini

Yes, it's Okay.

Here is a video showing use hub with iPad pro 5th gen without external power: 

This is a test on iPad pro 3rd gen: 

For lightning interface iPhone and iPad, it needs an OTG connector/dock station to USB A or USB C interface, and external storage file system is ExFat. After you connect it, you won't see device in settings but you can check the storage in "Files".


•Android phone/tablet

Yes, it's Okay.

When you use it on android, please make sure the type C port on your phone supports OTG function, reverse charging and DP alt mode.

You will see the external storage in a files manage APP, such as "ES file explorer". File system of the storage should be NTFS or FAT32.


5 thoughts on “Things You Should Know Before Buying 10-in-1 Hub (Keep Updated)


good afternoon please tell me! Will this memory card fit into this slot? Corsair MP600 PRO XT 1TB Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 SSD (Sequential Read Speeds of up to 7100MB/s and Write Speeds up to 5800MB/s, High Density TLC NAND) Black 0.87 × 3.15 × 0.75 inches Thx

April 9, 2024 at 00:21am
Jamie LeJeune

Ethernet drops out constantly on M1 Max MacBook Pro. when connecting via the Acasis hub. And even worse, it disrupts my entire home network throwing other devices offline. I lost an entire work day trying to solve the problem before realizing the Acasis was the cause. Watch out folks. This hub is a menace to your network.

April 9, 2024 at 00:21am

I’m unable to make the hdmi output work with my 11” iPad Pro 3rd gen running iOS 15.4.1 to a tv (I tried with and without power cable connected). I initially get the icon in my iPad detecting the external tv and then disappears without getting any image on the tv.

April 9, 2024 at 00:21am

What is the maximum refresh rate for a 1440p display when connected to this hubs HDMI port? I know it says 60, but I guess it is for 4K, so can 2k go higher than 60hz?

April 9, 2024 at 00:21am

Why aren’t you taking my private mail domain name (“not approved” ?) and why do I have to type my comment a second time because of that???

Anyway: Your link to SSD initilization information is broken (404 – file not found). Please fix and notify me

April 9, 2024 at 00:21am

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