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Kickstarter 2021 Hot Campaign

Portable 10 in 1 Hub with SSD Enclosure Supported by 3,073 Backers

ACASIS 40Gbps NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure

Faster Than Ever Before

ACASIS USB-C 3.2 Apple SSD Enclosure

Data Rescuer for Apple Proprietary 12+16 Pin Flash SSDs

M.2 NVMe SSD Compatible

ACASIS Macbook Pro 5-in-1 Hub

Superfast 40 Gbps Hub for 2021-2016 MacBook Pro/Air

SSD Enclosure

NVMe/NGFF SSD External Enclosure
Expand Your Storage with Super Fast Speed

Docking Station

Make the Single Interface Multifunctional

Capture Card

Professional Strategy for Lower Latency
Level Up Your Streaming Quality