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Acasis Bolg - What is RAID Storage

RAID is a technology that combines multiple independent hard disks to form a hard disk group, providing higher storage performance and data backup than a single hard disk. 

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What People Say

Works as advertised and value for the money.

I shopped around for a TB4 hub and found most of them are either providing two ports, too big, or too expensive. I chanced on this a brand of which I already had three products from and all working well and enjoyed using them. TBU401, TBU405 and the 10 in 1 hub with NVME slot. My only disappointment for any of the ACSIS products is that the Hub runs at only 10GPBS despite having third gen Kingston 2TB in it. This hub is new to me and less than 1 week old and keeping observation on its performance. So far it has not disappointed although it runs warm. All four devices now are being cooled by an external fan...

Harry Tan

Sep 11, 2023

TBU405PROM1 Fan is a great addition

Had the TBU405 version running the past 6 months with no issues. Saw the the new version with the in-built fan so ordered a pair to try out. Running with 8TB Oyen Digital Drives. Speeds are similar as before but drives stay around 20c cooler at peak load. Button on drive turns fan on and off. Seems to be one speed on the fan and its quiet. The new cases are a little bigger than the gen 1. I guess this also helps with heat dissipation. I put a 0.5mm under the Nvme and stacked a 1mm and .5mm on top to get good contact with aluminum case. Included cables seem to be good quality also.

Steve Feldman

Aug 23, 2023

Compact size but huge performance

This thunderbolt hub is just what I needed to add a few mort TB ports to my iMac. This is a great quality unit with a metal enclosure but it's not too heavy and doesn't get too hot. It adds 2 additional ports plus another USB3 port, which is helpful for connecting other older accessories. I like that it has the separate power supply so it can provide PD power if I plug in my iPad or phone to it. It's almost comical that the power brick is twice as big as the hub, that how small it is! Setup was simple plug and play and no issues at all so far— the data is flowing very fast! I've got an external RAID connecting through the hub and not seeing any bottlenecks.Highly recommend this hub for it's performance and portability (kind of, except for the giant power brick), and it's not a bad price.


Sep 15, 2023

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