AC-4HDMI Capture Card Driver Installation

AC-4HDMI Capture Card Driver Installation
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Step1: Insert the capture card after power off your device.

Step2: Confirm it is fully seated then power on the device.

Step3: Download driver from:

Step4: Choose the correct driver according to your OS
Right-click "This PC"→"Properties", check whether the computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, and run the corresponding exe file.
If it shows "Find Video Capture Card driver:1", it means that the system has detected the capture card, you can click install directly, the installation is finished when "OK" appears.

If it shows "Find Video Capture Card driver:0", please check whether "Device Manager/Audio inputs and outputs" detects the card or not. If not, please repeat step 1 and 2.

After driver installation finished, please check whether the card is shown as above in device manager. If there is a a yellow exclamation mark, please reboot your PC. If rebooting does not work, please double-click the exclamation mark.

If it is still abnormal, please send us a screenshot of your OS version, Device Manager, and error message by

Our technicist will help to solve the problem.